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Bunny v2.3 Forex Expert Advisor

Bunny v2.3 – Forex Expert Advisor

Bunny Forex Expert Advisor is one of the most famous robots in the circles of currency market traders. This Expert Advisor is a system that determines the current trend and generates signals for the initial trade. Subsequent support of the deal is carried out by martingale strategy. This Forex Expert Advisor works unidirectionally and keeps only one series open at a time. After closing each series Bunny analyzes the market situation again and only after that makes a new deal. Thanks to the so-called magic number of Bunny, you can use it simultaneously with other Expert Advisors, and you can run several copies of the Expert Advisor itself in parallel to work with different currency pairs. Bunny’s Expert Advisor proved to be the most effective with such currency pairs as EUR/USD and GBP/USD. The Expert Advisor uses a minute timeframe M1 and works with a minimum deposit of 10,000 to 0.01 of the standard lot. A number of brokers, with whom it is possible to use this Expert Advisor is limited only to those who use only five-digit quotes after the decimal point. If the risks are high, the Expert Advisor can easily drain the entire deposit, regardless of its size, so it is advisable not to make them too high. The last version of the Expert Advisor has the function of automatic configuration of the initial lot. Also, we can now limit the time to opening new series.

Executive class mid-term
Type of Expert AdvisorMartingale
Size of the lot not less than 10000 by 0.01 of the standard lot
Size of deposit, $1000
Timeframes from M1 and above
Recommendationed brokersExness, RoboForex, Instaforex
Pair tool/forexEURUSD, GBPUSD
Yield, % p.a.22.48
Max. drawdown, % p.a.26.68
Autonomous account type
Multiple use
Free use
Mini deposits
Maximum risk limit
Many series in one direction
Automatic start lot
Fixed stop-loss
Fixed Take Profit
Automatic shoulder
Created, year2013

What is a Forex Expert Advisor?

In connection with the popularization of automated trading, many investors ask themselves what is a Forex Expert Advisor? First of all, it is a special program required to manage the trading process automatically, i.e. without the trader’s participation. A trader invests in the robot in advance, a kind of algorithm, the conditions on the basis of which the subsequent market activity is carried out.

How do forex advisors work?

When you trade manually, you need to analyze the market yourself, take into account the forex forecast for the current day, forex news and choose the entry points to the market. However, it is also possible to trade automatically, using special programs that do most of the work for a trader – forex advisors.

Why shouldn’t beginners trade with Forex Expert Advisors?

Trading involves obtaining a great deal of knowledge – understanding the functioning of the market and various nuances, including the ability to apply technical and fundamental analysis. Forex Expert Advisors, i.e. the programs used for automatic trading, cannot help it.

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