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Currenex benefits and disadvantages

The Currenex Trading Platform is an electronic trading platform linked to more than 70 global banks. Its technology facilitates trading in the foreign exchange market, the money market for loans and deposits, as well as precious metals for banks, corporate clients, professional traders, brokers and fund managers. The Currenex platform uses liquidity access technology from a variety of sources. The platform has a full range of trading functions. It also includes the ability to access the API to connect to low latency. Various user interfaces (desktop and mobile) have been created, as well as APIs that increase distribution channels for customers.

Currenex Brokers: Fibo Group, TeleTrade, Alpari, Alpha Forex, AMarkets


1 Transaction Data Protection, Full Privacy; Due to the anonymity of the transaction, the orders of any client are not identified in the overall flow, which does not allow liquidity providers to deteriorate the performance of individual clients; Aggregated quotation flow from several liquidity providers; Access to the second price level and the actual market size (‘price glass’); Immediate execution and no required; Automatic execution of orders without dealer intervention Possibility to trade with reversed spreads; There are no restrictions on aggressive large-volume trading and scalping.

Currenex ECN Forex

ECN (Electronic Communications Network) is a special trading principle in the financial instruments market where sources of liquidity (which can act as banks, other EPNs or large brokers) trade in a single electronic system. In the ESN platform space you can see all requests and price offers from bidders, each of which at any time can choose the most suitable contract for themselves. A distinctive difference between ECN systems and other trading spaces is the immediate execution of orders, which is provided by high-end technological solutions.

Trading Conditions

Instruments: More than 60 currency pairs, gold, silver Minimum deposit: $50/#39;000 USD Main currency account: EUR, SPREADS USD: Variable from 0 points Leverage: 1:40 Minimum trading volume: 0.1 lot (10,000 units Base Currency) Demo Account: Unavailable 101,000 If you choose to trade with forex broker Currenex, you will have access to deep liquidity from providers such as Deutsche Bank, Citi, Goldman Sachs, UBS, Suisse Bank of America, JPMorgan, Barclays Capital, Rabobank, Societe Generale, Morgan Stanley, RBS and Dresdner Keinwort.

Currenex created for entrepreneurs with experience – the platform is not very suitable for beginners. It offers multiple warrants and execution algorithms and other different reporting tools.  The platform is java-based, so you don’t need to install. 

What we like most about Currenex is the partial execution option, which shows the execution stages very clearly and clearly, unlike other platforms supporting such fction. 

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