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Forex Expert Advisors 2019

Best Forex Expert Advisors Rating 2019

This section presents the best Forex Expert Advisors, the most popular at the moment on the currency market. Our rating of Forex Expert Advisors will help traders interested in automated trading to learn the principles and aspects of the work of various Expert Advisors, as well as to choose the most appropriate one. But we should not forget about one important fact: no matter how popular this or that Expert Advisor is, the main task of a trader is not only to choose an Expert Advisor, but also to teach the selected one safe and profitable trade. That is, it is necessary to understand the algorithm settings, set the necessary parameters according to which the robot will carry out transactions…

Forex advisors are specialized programs and scripts that allow you to trade automatically in the currency market. The purpose of the Expert Advisors is to make trading possible without the physical participation of a trader. Expert Advisors are both free and paid, and there is a practice of creating forex advisors to order for the purpose of a particular trader and under the trading strategies he uses. Undoubtedly, it is inexpedient to trust neither paid nor free programs, but the degree of reliability and efficiency of paid programs is a little bit higher, especially those that are competently tuned and thoroughly trained in trading strategies. Therefore, when downloading Forex Expert Advisors for free, remember that they may not be as reliable and profitable as you expect.

The paradox in this aspect of currency trading is that the most profitable Expert Advisors in Forex, at the same time, are the most risky and under certain circumstances can spend the entire deposit in seconds, regardless of its size. Therefore, the task of each trader engaged in automated trading is to determine the balance between potential profits and the degree of risk, which the trader is willing to give at the discretion of the robot. The advantage of using an Expert Advisor over manual trading is that the robot does not have any emotions or nerves, and therefore hasty decisions. Forex Expert Advisor automatically monitors the market trends in each period of time. At the same time, it uses trading indicators and other analyzers when considering and comparing different market conditions and factors, and after that, based on its analysis and the strategy used, the robot automatically opens transactions.

Advisors come in different types and can be divided into groups according to several criteria. One of the criteria is the period during which the Expert Advisor can carry out transactions. According to this criterion, advisers are divided into the following classes: short-, medium- and long-term. Another criterion, but no longer a technical one, but rather a subjective one, is the security of the adviser. Thus, they are low and high risk. The majority of Forex Expert Advisors use certain trading indicators to make decisions, thus being indicative. But there are also some non-indicator Expert Advisors.

Depending on the strategy used, Expert Advisors can be trendy and flute, scalpers and pipers, can use a martingale or net strategy, can be multi-currency and combined. Expert Advisors based on a martingale strategy are the most risky, because their algorithm is configured to increase the lot after any losing trade. Trend advisors, on the other hand, are tuned to trade by trend and target long positions with high profits. The algorithm of action of pipsers and scalpers is aimed at multiple transactions, often with a large lot, at several points per transaction.

СоветникРейтингПлечоДоход, годМакс. просадка, годФикс. стоп-лоссФикс. тейк профит
2Laba Forex EA8.150083.41%43.73%
3Master Scalper8.010084.37%38.69%
4BFS Trident Robot7.950053.37%16.29%
5Taren Forex EA7.950086.33%44.68%
6WallStreet Robot7.950094.57%54.31%
7Forex Diamond EA7.850063.39%34.35%
8Forex Weapon7.850078.38%29.28%
9Oswin Forex Robot7.810073.38%44.96%
10Goldbull Pro7.750057.42%34.40%
11DailyFX PLUS7.650047.39%15.31%
12Pivot Trader PRO7.540065.42%28.37%
13Channel Trader PRO7.410084.46%33.9%
14Xaaron EA7.450086.34%44.37%
17Smoothed SMA-Cross7.110042.77%14.78%
18Linear Weighted MA-Cross6.950042.77%12.29%
19REV Trader PRO6.750057.36%17.24%
20RSI Range Trader6.650053.37%29.32%
21Million Dollar Pips Robot6.510047.35%27.39%
22DailyFX Breakout on Volatility6.250067.41%39.59%
24Everex Elite6.010061.42%29.40%
25Aeron EA5.910064.38%47.30%
26DailyFX RSI Trader5.850046.36%19.37%
27Asia Range Grid5.750056.81%22.17%
28Gepard 5.05.350031.42%12.65%
29Robot Forex 2015 Profesional5.350048%12%
30Pip Master4.750076.39%19.21%
31Forex Factory4.650074.47%23.8%
32Setka Trader4.250085.12%97.15%
3410 pips ver 53.550014.87%23.15%
35VSignale v23.250010.87%42.14%
37Ilan 2.5 Dynamic2.75008.30 %15.85 %
38Spartan Bolt EA2.2610010.23%18.47%
40Bunny v2.31.5710022.48%26.68%
43EA Better1.4450015.62%31.11%
44Nostradamus S1.265009.7%1.51%
45Progressor v 1.910011.82%17.67%

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