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FxPro SuperTrader – Forex trading platforms

FxPro SuperTrader trading platform

FxPro SuperTrader is a platform that brings together investors and high-end traders. Investors have money, traders have experience and profitable strategies. It’s that simple. The idea of risk management became one of the main ideas when creating FxPro SuperTrader. Before we get to our list, strategies pass strict tests. Even if approved, the strategy remains under surveillance. If it behaves in an unstable manner, or violates our risk management framework, it will be removed from the platform.

Investors can add strategies to the watch list or connect to their portfolio. The investor decides how much to invest in each strategy and determines the key risk management parameters.

  • Select a strategy for investment
  • Include it in your portfolio by allocating funds and defining risk parameters

When a strategy is added to your portfolio, it will be traded on your funds. However, you can find another strategy at any time that fits your criteria for investing.

Investors have access to the following risk management methods:

  • Distribution of capital for strategy
  • Stop-loss in percent for the strategy
  • Trailing stop (or funds) for the strategy

This way, the investor is protected twice. First, a rigid FxPro risk management protocol that all strategy providers must pass and then individual investor risk parameters.

Benefits for investors:

  • Access to a growing catalogue of tried and tested strategies from our best trusted suppliers.
  • Constant control of strategy indicators. Strategies that show unstable results or violate our risk management are automatically removed from FxPro SuperTrader.
  • Detailed trend graphs for the day, week, month or all time. Keep track of how well the strategy is rated, how risky it is, how much it is undercutting, how much it is losing, how many investors have chosen it, and how many times it is worth.

Create and invest in a portfolio of high-yielding strategies, you can:

  • To get rid of emotions in trading
  • Diversify and control risks
  • Focus on portfolio formation
  • Care only for total return

Traders offer strategies, but you control the risks!


  • Get access to a growing number of proven strategies from the best traders.
  • Invest in the most popular strategies, or in the most appropriate style for you.
  • Control the risks of each strategy individually in the portfolio. Close individual strategies or the entire portfolio if you wish.
  • Transfer funds quickly between your FxPro Wallet and your FxPro SuperTrader account. Print profit in just a couple of clicks.
  • Invest with one of the leading brokers, with FCA and CySEC regulation, placing all client funds in segregated accounts.
  • FxPro SuperTrader is the only platform of its kind that uses an agent-based execution model. We earn commissions on transactions, not on clients’ losses.

Trader benefits:

  • FxPro’s growing customer base already now amounts to more than 200,000 customers, allowing it to offer its strategy to the avant-garde of the global forex community.
  • Check how many investors are following your strategy at any given time, keep track of the dynamics over the week.
  • Take advantage of one of the best trading infrastructures in the industry. Compete with the leaders in achieving the highest rank.
  • The better the performance, the more investors you will attract, which will increase your commission and reward.
  • Construct your reputation in the most competitive and convenient platform on the market.

Risk management – that’s what’s important in FxPro SuperTrader.

  • All-round analytics allows investors to find investment opportunities and traders to compete with each other in trading indicators.
  • Investors independently specify risk parameters for each strategy to protect the investment.
  • Trader selection is based on a strict analysis of experience and trading performance.
  • Constant monitoring of FxPro SuperTrader strategies allows to achieve stable results.
  • Traders have to follow FxPro’s risk management guidelines to attract investors.
  • Our methods promise that excessively risky and unproductive strategies will disappear, and successful ones will move to the top.

List of Forex brokers using the FxPro SuperTrader trading platform

  • FxPro


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