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Is the Tradeallcrypto Broker and Exchange We Can Trust?

The title poses a question that cryptocurrency traders are quick to ask upon getting wind of the Tradeallcrypto crypto broker. Fact of the matter is, an organic search of the crypto exchange company’s reputation across the worldwide web renders little to no reviews. 

This is owed to the crypto brokerage’s relatively young tenure in the trading industry as of the time of this review’s writing. What this means is that this Tradeallcrypto review might be one of the first among the few review literatures in the net about the crypto broker. 

The Tradeallcrypto Crypto Broker was established back in 2018 and has had experience on operating in CIS countries and had since gone into serving European markets for 5 years. 

The initial critique that the review team has against the Tradeallcrypto crypto broker is its non-disclosure of the regulatory authority that it answers to. It is to the opinion of the review team that the announcement of its regulatory authority should take precedence. This is so as this is the first step to toward building the trust of one’s intended audience. 

The Tradeallcrypto Crypto Broker: What to Expect from This Review

This Tradeallcrypto review is a result of months spent with the brokerage. The review team had gone through an exhaustive usage of all Tradeallcrypto’s offers and services. The methodology employed by the review team involves actual human agency and usage. 

The broker had looked into all the function and exchange that Tradeallcrypto makes available through its website. The following facets are examined in this review with great scrutiny:

The Tradeallcrypto website Tradeallcrypto’s offered trading platformsTradeallcrypto’s trading acccount

The estimatey data that the review team had gathered render a positive image for Tradeallcrypto. As this is the case, the team’s aim of rendering a pointed and well-informed assessment of the broker is geared toward guiding its readers into making a decision of whether or not to enlist the services of the Tradeallcrypto crypto broker. 

A Tradeallcrypto Overview:

Preliminary findings regarding Tradeallcrypto’s services affirm that it is far from being a fraud. Simply put, the Tradeallcrypto Crypto Broker does help its clients earn money. 

The website allows for the usage of multiple platforms in accordance to the trader’s designated needs. To date, the declared number of Tradeallcrypto clients amount to 150,000 users, a testament to the broker’s agreeable trading conditions.

Starting with its website, Tradeallcrypto’s site developers have done well in producing a website that is not only aesthetically attractive, but is also purposeful and can be easily navigated through. The site allows for the seamless switching between languages, catering to the different nationalities that the broker serves. 

The different trading accounts that Tradeallcrypto offers its clients can easily be found by navigating through the different tabs in the website. Detailed information on the withdrawal and deposit schemes implemented by the site can be found through these account tabs. 

In addition, the site has an educational segment that lets it users watch professional webinars produced by experts affiliated with Tradeallcrypto and trainings that these experts are willing to conduct. 

On top these, the Tradeallcrypto site also streams Financial and Economic news that may affect the trades that crypto traders get into and the apt trading hours that they should keep tabs on. The latter may be found on the site’s “Tools” tab. 

Trading Tools

All data that is available through Tradeallcrypto, is placed in the public domain. As this is the case, no trader tries to withhold commissions. Leverage is pegged at 1:50 for Cryptocurrencies and Indices. Leverage on Forex is at 1:200 and CFD at 1:20. 

Trading Platform

Tradeallcrypto provides two trading platforms to its clients:

The xCritical Trading Platform

Gaining the favor of 8 put of 10 traders, xCritical is seen as an efficient trading platform not only for cryptocurrencies but also for Forex and CFDs. The platform allows for the customization of charts and the usage of trading signals. The platform’s interface possesses an intelligent design. The mobile version of the xCritical Platform has the benefit of a Take Profit and Stop Loss function. Here, application submission for transactions are done speedily. Asset quotes are constantly available through the platform’s online mode. 

MetaTrader 4 

It is already common opinion that the MetaTrader 4 platform is one of the most reliable platforms in the trading industry. MT4 works with automated experts and gives its users the ability to produce unique trading signals. The MT4 interface is highly-intuitive and can therefore be easily navigated through. 

Trading Accounts

The Tradeallcrypto Crypto Broker offers 5 types of accounts. These are detailed below:

Start Account

This account can be opened for only $250. Through this account, the user is availed of new training manuals and a selection of analytical materials. The trader is also given a bonus of 50%.

Silver Account

$3,001 is required to open a Silver account. Here, the user is given his or her personal financial analyst apart from the basic offers provided by the previous account. The Welcome Bonus increases to 100%. 

Gold Account

With this type of account, the trader would be availed of a half-hour account review and a financial advisor through a deposit of $10,001. The bonus is at 120%.

Platinum Account 

The platinum account is opened through $50,001 money is received through this account faster compared to the previous accounts. The bonus is the same as with the Gold Account. The considerable increase is seen through the provision of a 2-hour review once a week. In addition, a quarterly report is presented to the traders.

VIP Account

Obviously the most costly, this type of account is pegged at a minimum account of $100,001. The starting bonus is at 150%. The account reviews is done daily or whenever the trader wishes.  

Tradeallcrypto Customer Reviews

Tradeallcrypto customer reviews across the net usually zero-in on losses and the challenge of deposits. However, the team had noticed that these reviews are mostly due to the traders’ apparent ignorance in how risk management is administered in the first place. The traders lack in the knowledge and are at times dismissive of expert advice.

Tradeallcrypto Fraud?

While there are admittedly a number of client testimonies that are against Tradeallcrypto, there is no clear evidence that Tradeallcrypto is a fraudulent brokerage firm. It is to the contention of the review team that negative reviews surrounding brokerage firms, may they trade the more traditional asset classifications like Forex and CFDs or Cryptocurrencies, are commonplace. Some may be caused by actual fraudulent activity, while a lot by mere bad trades. All-in-all, the Tradeallcrypto fraud tag might be overkill for only a few isolated cases.

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