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MetaTrader 5 Forex Platform


MetaTrader 5 trading platform is a great option for traders who have more than one account because the platform opens up the possibility of operational transition from window to window. Its use makes trading more convenient and fast. MetaTrader 5 platform is one of the most popular and used among traders. It is offered by many brokers because it is convenient and efficient, understandable for beginners and for an experienced trader. If you are still hesitant in your business, evaluating brokers will help.

Metatrader 5 has quite a few advantages over analogues. If we talk about shortcomings, they are almost non-existence, and most traders who use it, will agree, but on any platform you can find cons and MT5 is no exception.

Benefits MT5

Benefits a lot, especially compared to the platform with the previous version. Terminal

allows you to use any orders. And this is important if the entrepreneur wants to implement a rather difficult strategy and implement it effectively. If you want to control your losses with pending orders or at some point you need to “rotate your position” – the platform gives you this opportunity. To correctly determine when you are closing or opening, you need market analysis. This terminal offers five dozen analysis tools. Market dynamics will cease to be a mystery to you if you use twenty linear tools and three dozen technical indicators. To extend the functionality of the terminal, developers have integrated M’L5 into it. Thanks to this, the trader has the opportunity to trade and analyze completely automatic processes by creating advisors. The trader can transfer the currency market analyst to him. The terminal has its own indicators that can create personal analytical tools (something similar to built-in indicators). The presence of scripts that allow the trader to close by clicking on the keys once. The terminal offers user graphics over multiple periods (21 in total). You can see both one minute and every month. If you want the entry point to be defined with greater accuracy, as well as to use a larger time frame for additional trend analysis, please – everything is at your disposal. If you are using Multiple charts at the same time, periods and tools are different, worthless, so as not to notice a good opportunity. To prevent such situations, developers took care of the alert with trading signals. When the price changes and reaches the mark, you will find out at the same time. In addition, the client is equipped with up-to-date news and more.

List of all the advantages of the platform does not make sense, there are many more, so let’s talk about the disadvantages.

Defective MT5

1 There are complaints that it is impossible to locate open positions. There are traders who replace stop loss locks. Some say that you can not open several orders on the same tool, and if a new order is opened on the same pair, the previous one will be modified. But basically all currency investors are happy with MT5 and don’t have any complaints about the platform. Technical requirements – Windows 7, 2000, Vista or XP. Today, this platform is popular, so almost every broker will be able to use the MT5 terminal.

List of forex brokers, using the metatrader trading platform 5

Alpari Limited FxPro BCS NordFX

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