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SaxoTrader trading platform 

SaxoTrader trading platform is designed for manual trading and allows you to comfortably perform transactions on international markets. The platform is free of charge, provides technical analysis, trade, being in any country in the world. The SaxoTrader platform implies the availability of all the instruments that Saxo Bank offers to its clients, i.e. futures operations, CFDs, stocks and much more. For more detailed acquaintance with the company we offer reviews about SaxoBank. If you have to choose a broker, it is more reasonable to get acquainted with a large number of companies, for example, reviews about Admiral Markets, etc.

SaxoTrader is easy to use and set up, thanks to a single interface the user can trade, monitor price changes, analyze them and have access to quality analytics. Specifications – Internet Explorer 6, Google Chrome 17, Firefox 8, connection speed not less than 56 Kbps, takes 200 Mbps

This platform is chosen by many traders and is mostly satisfied with its work. Like all other terminals, SaxoTrader has positive and negative sides.

Benefits of SaxoTrader

  • Comfortable work with charts, thanks to the availability of a high-quality graphical system, a trader can receive the history of any instrument, change the size of charts, transfer them to another window, move from one chart to another.
  • Technical analysis, the ability to highlight annotations and lines, in addition, the user can deeply and thoroughly analyze trends and charts.
  • The trader can get the data on open orders from his trading account at any time. It is possible to compare pairs, get access to more than one pair at a time.
  • Operations are carried out at prices that are displayed in the quotes window in the window itself. Trading on this platform is quite simple, all you need to do is tick the necessary line, specify the amount and click Ask or Bid.
  • Settings have been given special attention – a trader can modify the quotes window in a way that is convenient for him/her, enter data on the value of instruments and information about the value, price dynamics, interest rates, etc.
  • Qualitative tool conductor, excellent interface (quick opening of the necessary number of windows, access to the account status, analytics, news, etc.).

Deficiencies of SaxoTrader


After you have finished, you can say that for an experienced trader who has used other trading systems, it will be convenient, he will understand it in just a few minutes. But that doesn’t mean that the platform will become unbearable for a newbie, a few hours and everything will be clear.

The platform is an excellent option for manual trading and can offer a wide range of features aimed at the operation of charts and user account control. It has a lot of positive feedback and recommendations, but the choice has to be made based on personal preferences.

If you are not satisfied with Saxo Bank, review the rating of binary options brokers, read reviews left by traders about different brokerage companies and brokerage companies, for example, reviews about Forex MMCIS group.

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Mirror Trader 

Mirror Trader platform is offered by more than two dozen brokerage companies. Mirror Trader gives the trader the opportunity to use signals in real time, as well as technical analysis tools. And also to choose the effective strategies of more successful colleagues and copy them, which is easy enough even for a beginner. With the help of the terminal, the user can open a huge “warehouse” of good strategies.


The eSignal trading platform offers users who choose it various tools for technical analysis. Choosing this platform, you will be able to use a variety of tools that analyze and scan market data, charts, indicators, modules, with which to test the developed new strategies. eSignal can offer traders a wide range of opportunities, for example, to write trading strategies and indicators using the scripting language.


VertexFX trading platform is deservedly considered to be one of the most reliable trading systems currently available in the financial market. VertexFX is a global tool for electronic trading of currency pairs and other financial instruments, which was created by traders and financial experts. VertexFX includes advanced features such as Ready Smart Dealer, Ready Vertex-to-Vertex Bridge and Ready Multi Account Trader.

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