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Sober Curious Brands To Check Out If You Quit Drinking

What I’ve discovered is moderation is more challenging than sobriety, in my opinion. With moderation, you create boundaries and then slightly shift them to fit social or emotional stressors. I’ve discovered that I am the happiest when taking long breaks while constantly keeping an open mind to evaluate my relationship with drinking.

  • She said she anticipates more booze manufacturers to dabble in no- and low-alcoholic drinks.
  • Diageo, which also owns Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Don Julio, and other popular spirits, acquired Seedlip in 2019 for an undisclosed amount.
  • A growing number of “sober curious” people are starting to take a closer look at the role alcohol plays in their life.
  • You’ve never hit a real low, and you don’t see yourself as dependent on alcohol.

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Short-term or not, sober curiosity can still promote mindful drinking habits and lasting lifestyle change. The sober curious movement doesn’t work for everyone, though, and it’s absolutely OK to need extra support with addressing drinking habits. There is a new emerging trend relating to alcohol use that you may be hearing about – the “sober curious” or “elective sobriety” movement. This new trend consists of people who are not considered to have a drinking problem or to be misusing alcohol, but who make the decision to be sober. This decision is not necessarily a lifelong or full-time commitment and is often done for health and lifestyle benefits.

Now, the $178 billion dollar beverage industry is hoping to replicate the trend with alcohol-free liquor as more and more young people reassess their relationship with booze. Take our 2-minute quiz to see if you drink too much, or may show signs similar to those who are addicted to alcohol. “We are seeing non-alcoholic cocktails offered at some of these more luxury or private events, and so I think it is now cool to be sober-curious,” Balaji said.

In Chicago, a sober curious meet-up group has more than 400 online members. About a dozen come to monthly gatherings at a Whole Foods store in Lincoln Park. Nonetheless, I grew up to view alcoholism like a beast slowly following me. I have a family full of alcoholics, and I’ve been a steady drinker ever since I turned 18.

More On Alcohol Abuse

For the sober curious, a Dry January or a Sober October can lead to the decision to remain alcohol-free; others pick up drinking where they left off; others still drink, but more moderately going forward. One study found that Brits who abstained for a Dry January drank less in the six months afterward. Followers celebrate her victories and help her navigate rough days. Plus, she knows she has 24-hour access to a community of support.

sober curious

“I realized I waswortha life full of great choices. I also learned to go where it feels warm and love myself during the road to recovery, no matter how challenging it may look.” This prompted me to research and discover more about my sober curiosity. Write down your specific goals and unique reasons why it is good to get alcohol out of your life. Replace alcohol with alcohol-free alternatives and cocktails with mocktails. Surely offers alcohol-removed rosé that tastes like the real thing.

Tips For A Successful Sober Curious Life

Cosmo-for-one, there’s plenty of evidence that during the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing is leading to an uptick in social drinking. But over the past year or so, the punchline, along with the spirits, has been changing. Many of your friends, and even you, have been staying away from the liquor store, or at least showing up less frequently. According to a study conducted by Nielsen, nearly 50% of all U.S. adults are making an effort to limit their alcohol consumption; look only at millennials and that number rises to 66%.

Less drinking afterward — Even if you only go sober for a month, such as for Sober October, studies show that individuals drink less after that short period of sobriety is finished. Since a quarter of adults participate in heavy drinking or binge drinking each month, it is worth looking into sober curiosity to curb those heavy drinking habits. Whether you’re worried about alcohol addiction or just want to find a better balance with drinking, there’s a treatment plan at our premier substance and alcohol abuse treatment center to suit you. We offer both in-person and online programs that work around your schedule.

Wondering what this sober-curious movement is all about and where you can get your hands on a non-alcoholic cocktail that — rather surprisingly — makes you feel just as lively as the real thing? I met with Dr. Leary to discuss sober socializing and wellness, as well as tour the stunning Remedy Place. In this article, I discuss how sobriety is becoming accepted and even celebrated, plus where and how to experience the sober social scene. In The Sober Curious Reset, Rubygoes a step further by inviting you into a 100-day process of radically rethinking your drinking. Each “day” features observations, exercises, and insights, offering a more profound process of self-discovery than common month-long programs like Dry January or Sober September.

Do You Wet The Bed After A Night Of Drinking? Heres Why

“You don’t reject cake entirely — you’ll have it if it’s a friend’s birthday, but you don’t have it every day.” And you don’t snarf the entire cake, either. Still, since drinking marks most every social occasion and is simply habitual for many of us, the impetus to call a deliberate moratorium might not occur to you. The sober curious approach is less about stopping because you absolutely must, and more about being, well, curious about what would happen if you did.

The only genuine health risk to going sober curious, even for a short time, is probably withdrawal side effects, in which case you may suffer from alcohol use disorder. The good news is that Sober Curious individuals are increasingly part of a movement that is growing in popularity. Support for the movement comes from a variety of sources including individuals in ‘recovery’ from substance misuse or addiction. We know, based on research done by SAMHSA, that 70% of illicit users of alcohol or other substances work full or part-time, and more than 24 million people in the US self-identify as being in recovery. Many individuals in recovery are often eager to support others that are curious enough about sobriety to take a step to learn more. At sober bars and social wellness clubs, you don’t need to explain.

The Sober Social Scene

Her online searches turned up first-hand accounts of people like herself, who hadn’t suffered major life-altering consequences from drinking, but saw their drinking as problematic all the same. Others identified as “alcoholic” but blended traditional 12-step recovery with other support among fellow “sober curious” followers. Abstaining from alcohol use provides more time in people’s lifestyles by reducing the time spent recovering from alcohol use and the hangover sometimes experienced after a night of drinking. People who try out the sober curious lifestyle often report feeling more focused and being able to function better in their lives. Many sober curious people who notice troubling patterns in their alcohol use find that a few weeks or months of sobriety helps them practice more moderate and mindful drinking going forward.

sober curious

Even if a person isn’t addicted to alcohol, their drinking can strain relationships with those closest to them. This combination of factors leads many of us back to alcohol time and again. But however commonplace alcohol consumption is in the US, we can’t ignore its darker side. What’s more, alcohol has been framed as both a catharsis and a celebration.

It slows respiration and lowers heart rate and blood pressure. Once ingested, the liver goes to work metabolizing the alcohol from the body. As a result of this withdrawal, bodily processes that were slowed down, speed up, which can then cause agitation and decrease your ability to achieve deep sleep. In this upbeat “reset” guide from the author of Sober Curious, a leading voice in the new sobriety movement walks through 100 days of discovering the joys of an alcohol-free lifestyle. Instead of a stirred martini invoking suavity, a Kin in Hadid’s hand could signal a commitment to health and wellness.

Remedy Place is a new “social wellness club” that features a sober bar and lots of high-tech physical recovery modalities, such as whole-body cryotherapy and nutrient IV therapy. Once your limbic system is back on track, you might get more pleasure from your preferred pastimes.

This can indicate that alcohol addiction may be present, and these people may require professional help to safely stop using alcohol. Many of those in the sober curious movement are female, but the movement is not exclusively for females. The sober curious movement has led to the creation of sober curious groups and clubs. Because of the role that alcohol plays in many social interactions, these groups allow those who are experimenting with sobriety a way to have the social interactions that they previously had that were centered around alcohol. These groups also allow people to discuss what sobriety has done for them and the changes that they have noticed in their health and lives. Meditation is my number one tool for changing behaviors and breaking bad habits. I had a guest on my podcast recently who used to drink a lot socially and then had a nervous breakdown and was advised to quit drinking.

If you’re looking for a super-simple approach, there is so much that a glass of water can quench. Get fancy with sparkling water, infuse it with spa-inspired fruits and veggies, or go straight for the tap.

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