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Thinkorswim Trading Forex Platform

ThinkDesktop is an institutional trading platform. Yes for use in the browser for Windows and MacOS operating systems. to trade.

Due To Thinkorswim Trading Platform:

The platform allows you to trade directly from charts and also has integrated charts and financial news channels. You can create your own indicators, although you cannot build your own trading systems. The platform can be used in a demo mode called paperMoney, in which the trader has two virtual accounts for $100,000 of virtual money each. This mode allows you to test the functionality of the platform and trading strategies without risky assets. The platform checks for updates when the user signs up for the app and automatically installs them in the background. The app developer provides free user manual and a wide range of tutorials.

What is not enough thinkorswim:

There is no mobile warning system on the platform, although electronic notifications can be configured by the user. Thinkorswim has a limited selection of available trading orders and does not include such as Stop Order and Market Order.

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