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We check information and reviews of Lexatrade

Today we live in an age where almost everything can be done before the Internet: from basic grocery shopping, to buying a house, from booking a ticket to the cinema, to studying, for example, cinematography, from professional work to entertainment. So have investments moved into the online realm. The first online investments took place in 1996, shortly after the opening of the stock exchange, and then brokers had to manually post them, everything took much longer, and certainly more complicated than it is now. Currently, it is enough to choose a broker with a good reputation – such as Lexatrade, register and you can already invest freely, quickly and extremely simply, even with your smartphone. No matter what you want to invest in, choosing a reliable, trusted broker is essential. Among online investors, Lexatrade has a reputation as one of the best in the industry, mainly due to its exceptionally extensive offer. It is worth noting that despite the huge number of customers throughout Europe, the company still applies a policy of personal contact and commitment in each client. Well-qualified financial analysts, specialists in their field, are available on an ongoing basis to improve the system and help investors in their transactions. In our opinion, Lexatrade is a brokerage service definitely worthy of attention.

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Lexatrade is an international brokerage service that has been operating internationally for several years. According to lexatrade information available on the website, in its extensive investment offer has:

Currency Trading,Cryptocurrency Trading,Commodity Trading, Securities Trading. 

As many as five trading accounts and four investment portfolios await investors, making Lexatrade one of the best offers available on the Polish market. Investment portfolios are a set of assets that enable an investor to actively and passive profit, provide some kind of protection against the risk of loss of investment, are much safer compared to traditional investments. Lexatrade users have a choice of four trading portfolios;

Expert AdvancedA intermediate beginner.

The highest rate of profit, offers an expert portfolio where investors can expect up to 8% passive profit and 13% active return. The investment portfolio can be opened from as early as $5,000. Investors can also open one of five investment accounts, here the lowest deposit value to start a trade is $250. Depending on the amount of the deposit, the investor gains access to many functions of the service, starting from basic training and opportunities to trade currency pairs and cryptocurrencies, to a prestigious account enabling obtaining a diploma of the Trading Academy, a personal financial analyst and invitations to events and conferences dedicated to investors. Information about Lexatrade for accounts can be found on the https://lexatrade.com/pl/account-types/. There are also useful news from the business world, such as the Forex economic calendar or economic news, as well as interesting reading for each investor, i.e. analytical materials on the situation of many companies, the state of the exchange, etc. In addition, on the page under the section entitled “Information” and “Legal Documentation”, you will find the necessary information about Lexatrade, such as your contract, privacy policy, possible risks, information about refunds and withdrawals, that is, all these documents, which must be read before registering on the website. Their knowledge and acceptance are necessary to open a Lexatrade account. 

Lexatrade – recommended anti- protection

Activities on the Internet, contrary to appearances, are not anonymous. In addition, where financial activities are involved, there are some risks to the security of the funds. Cheating on the Internet happens incredibly often, affects almost all available platforms and despite the many information and warnings available, many people are still very careless. Lexatrade advises its traders to always verify the information received and to follow the principle of limited trust, especially in the case of investment or trading advice. It is worth paying attention to who you talk to. Sometimes, people pretending to be analysts or investors are ordinary scammers who want to extort data. It is always worth checking all available information: phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Also, do not be fooled by the software or links recommended in the investment forums. Unless you are completely sure of their source and are not sure if such a link is safe, do not download it to your computer. Also, don’t forget to use a good antivirus program to protect your data from possible attacks. 

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As a rule, only adults can open an account at Lexatrade, in addition, one person can only have one account (plus a wallet), and the deposit must come from legitimate sources. During registration, you represent that you understand and agree to these terms. To ensure that these rules are enforced and to prevent possible fraud attempts, Lexatrade requires several documents when registering, which should not be a problem for a regular, honest investor. If you want to register with Lexatrade, you may want to prepare an ID card or passport, proof of address and credit card. Sometimes it may happen that the service asks for a photo of the investor holding the proof, so that they can compare the photos of the face with the photo from the document. As far as proof of address is concerned, it is sufficient to present any document or bill containing both the name and address (even the electricity bill will work). In the case of a credit card, you must send a scan of the credit card so as to cover part of the account number, but to show the name of the cardholder. Once you have successfully registered, simply select the type of account from which you you want to use, make the right deposit and you can already invest!

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